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Cre8ery: Teaching lessons and creating art in Winnipeg’s Exchange District



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By far one of the most fascinating parts about living in downtown Winnipeg is the artistic creativity that takes place in the Exchange District’s beautiful old heritage buildings. The Cre8ery, located at 125 Adelaide, is a hidden gem of an art gallery.  The main exhibition space, a full 1,000 square-foot room, holds a variety of local artists’ works. Check out what will be on display today by visiting the Cre8ery exhibition calendar on their website. The calendar contains all of the details you need, including an artist’s statement regarding the background behind the exhibition’s theme as well as the history of the artist’s experience. You can even view photos of some of their art on the website before seeing it in person.

Current artists featured at the Cre8ery include, among others, Ailsa Dyson, Bhavni Bhakoo, Dallas Ludwick, Leigha Phelps and Shawn Berard. The art displayed at the Cre8ery ranges from sculptures to fabric art to jewelry to paintings, allowing visitors to enjoy something new each time they stop by the gallery.

Opportunities abound at the Cre8ery

Not only does the Cre8ery have a lovely art gallery to take in, but it also has a full service art supply store on the lower level at the front of the building, 312 William. So if you spend a few hours perusing the art in the main gallery hall and feel inspired enough to try your hand at creating something unique yourself, you’ll find all the supplies you need at this little downtown Winnipeg art supply store!

In addition to the supply store, you can also attend workshops to further your understanding of art and to fine tune your technique. Some workshops include hands-on collage-making; others feature photography 101 skills; you can even attend sessions on how to manage your priorities and time as an artist, which Winnipeg gallery is right for your artwork, and how to apply lino printing and other forms of art. This is a great opportunity to hear the wisdom of successful artists and to gain some experience for yourself, in addition to meet with other budding artists living in Winnipeg. Class fees range from $20 to $80, with Cre8ery members getting a $10 discount on most workshops. The $35 annual membership fee will also give you a discount on art supplies from the Cre8ery store, discounts on framing, a link on the Cre8ery website and offers you a chance to display in the gallery.


The Cre8ery is a must-see gallery in downtown Winnipeg’s Exchange District. Check it out during opening hours on afternoons and evenings from Monday through Saturday, or visit their website, www.cre8ery.com, to learn more.


Sagan Morrow owns an open-concept condo in Winnipeg’s Exchange District and loves downtown living. By night she writes the blog Living Healthy in the Real World and is the Executive Director for The Food Label Movement

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