Home Staging Quick Tip #3: Depersonalizing your home before the sale

Depersonalize your Winnipeg home before putting it on the market


In part 3 of the series on Home Staging by Remax, we take a look at the need to depersonalize the home.  Since the owner has likely lived in the home for a number of years, it has taken on his personality, displaying his photographs, trophies and furniture, along with his personal choices in colors and accents.

A buyer, coming to view the home, needs to be able to ‘visualize’ themselves in the home, and this become difficult if the buyer is overwhelmed with a multitude of personal items exhibiting the sellers personal life and tastes.

In order to help the potential buyer in their decision, home sellers are well advised to:

  • Remove family photos and keepsakes
  • Remove personal trophies
  • Remove potentially offensive items  (Hunting trophies such as bear-skins, etc)

View the 2-minute video on this subject



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