Home Staging Quick Tip #3: Depersonalizing your home before the sale

Depersonalize your Winnipeg home before putting it on the market


In part 3 of the series on Home Staging by Remax, we take a look at the need to depersonalize the home.  Since the owner has likely lived in the home for a number of years, it has taken on his personality, displaying his photographs, trophies and furniture, along with his personal choices in colors and accents.

A buyer, coming to view the home, needs to be able to ‘visualize’ themselves in the home, and this become difficult if the buyer is overwhelmed with a multitude of personal items exhibiting the sellers personal life and tastes.

In order to help the potential buyer in their decision, home sellers are well advised to:

  • Remove family photos and keepsakes
  • Remove personal trophies
  • Remove potentially offensive items  (Hunting trophies such as bear-skins, etc)

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L Buchanan
2011-09-21 12:09:21
This is simply a comment - but one that is worthy of "Home Stagers" consideration. In the past, homes sold to people with similar lifestyles, and similar family characteristics - I think they still do - The house has a feeling about it - with or without trophies, sports equipment or cultural paraphernalia on view - in landscape architecture, this has been called, "genus loci" - translate - the soul of the place - - the house will attract people similar to the people who have already live there - whatever their tastes and habits and lifestyle. -The house across from mine sells very, very, slowly- (I have been in my home 40 years) and it has been home to 3 families of middle eastern extraction. An addition to the house was made in a rangey sort of complex arrangement of rooms similar to homes in middle east. People who have not been of middle eastern extraction have never lived there more than 5 years, but the middle eastern families, have lived there in my experience, 10- 20 years Last time it went for sale, I told my neighbour that it seemed to be a house that middle eastern people were attracted to, and eventually, a medical researcher, born and raised in Turkey, came to see the house, and purchased it directly from the homeowner the same evening. Essentially, a house has a soul that has been given to it by the people who have lived their lives in that house - this is what gives it its "character" and its life energy- and it is the intrinsic value that draws someone looking for a "home", to make that big decision. If the house does not have "good" karma, it may be, that only those of the same ilk, will be oblivious to this unpleasantness,- and buy it anyway. It is a crude travesty to depersonalize, sanitize, or try to make a home into something it is not, to sell it to people who would otherwise not purchase it - All homes have their "features" that can be pointed out to buyers. People who don't know, to cut the grass and clean the house, in order to sell their house should not be taken as clients. Find similar buyers to the sellers, and you will have a deal.
Mark Gridley
2011-09-12 07:10:38
Thanks Bo. I think that advise would be just as helpful in my town of Fountain Hills as well.
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